About Us

Siyo Logics is a company emerged out of strong intention to provide world something better than we expect in existing. We all seem quite happy with presently available products if it could solve our specific needs, believing it is the limit. Sometimes a user may wish for a multi utility product to reduce expenses but companies often not make such a multi utility product to safeguard their business interests. In many occasions they promote nasty products instead of a better one.

Air Conditioners are an example for that wicked practice. Always window ACs are better than Split ACs. It use less power, require less volume of harmful gases, having facility of exhaust mod operation for air refreshing and keeping the oxygen level better in a closed room, can be used as a ventilation fan etc. but companies promote split AC highlighting the fast cooling effect only for their monitory benefits. Now a days split ACs become a symbol of prestige and window ACs become low grade on one’s status.

Siyo logics is planning to make some changes in such practices. It is empowered with certain products having visible advantages in the aspects of Health, Safety, Eco-friendliness, User-friendly, Cost effectiveness and multi-utility. The pioneering product Fitaki is one among them. We recommend you to study this product in comparisons to understand the depth of the statements put above.

Chairman’s message

The state of the art technology products are need not be widely accepted (grabbing full recommendation stars) due to various reasons. It is also not necessary to have a million dollar R&D Company to invent a revolutionary wonderful product. Siyo Logics with its strong hold in identifying specific needs, evaluating available, transform demerits to merits, combining multi-utilities etc., have invented various revolutionary products and now on the process of acquiring patents. Company will come to market with all these products for people’s evaluation and benefiting.

FITAKI is the first product from us and we believe this product can bring good results in preventing helmet theft cases, improving personal safety, law-n-order and much more. We seek your fullest support on popularizing this goodness.